Late Winter Snow is Short but Sweet

Sunday morning’s snow lasted but six hours, but getting almost three inches anytime in mid March is always a treat. The temperature never made it down to freezing in my area, but the 33 degree air was enough to create magic. A stroll at sunrise found a blanket of white, and a steady stream of flakes with no wind. My cowboy hat was much more appropriate than the usual wool ski cap.

cowboy hat

My neighbor’s blooming Peach must have been caught by surprise by the late flakes…peach tree

The house took everything in stride…Hemlock House 2

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Jeanne and Ron’s log cabin next door…

With no ice and snow on the salted roads, I drove out to explore the Northwest Rutherford Mountains, something I had not been able to do in heavier snows for the past eight years. What I found were clear roads with no cars, and a natural beauty that I had been missing while snow was still falling.KODAK Digital Still CameraNear Lake Lure

Pinnacle 3

Pinnacle Mountain along the Rutherford-McDowell County line

Pinnacle 1

Pinnacle Peak from Hemphill Road

Hemphill 3

Southwest view toward Lake Lure’s mountains from Hemphill Road

Hemphill 2

My house is just over that white ridge in the upper center.

hickory 1

Hickorynut Mountain to the northwest from Tight Run Loop

Hickory 2

Hickorynut towers over Montford Cove Valley at over 3,000 feet.

Hickory 3

Willow trees in the Valley.

Hay Bales

Brushy Top Mountain log farmhouse.

Bruahy Pano

Brushy Top looking south. My house is on the other side.


Brushy Top looking north from Fibber Magee Drive.

I made this video from the car during the drive…..




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