Yoshino Cherry Trees near Lake Lure

Only two weeks ago, snow blanketed this area northeast of Lake Lure, and less days than that, the temperature plummeted to 16 degrees here in Otter Creek Valley, and yet, these Yoshino Cherry trees along Buffalo Creek Road about a mile from the Lake have burst forth with a most dramatic display this week. They are directly related to the famous trees in Washington D.C. which are also blooming this week.

sugarloaf 1Sugarloaf Mountain south of Lake Lure.

cherry 1

apple 7

cherry 2

apple 4

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Mt. Shumont at 4,000 feet towers over Lake Lure and another flowering tree near the cherries. This is where the fires roared just four months ago.shumont 3

A springtime salute to Old Glory…Old Glory

5 thoughts on “Yoshino Cherry Trees near Lake Lure

  1. I have a cousin on my mother’s side, presently living in a historical home with acreage near Gettysberg who is interested in a “log-cabin” type home near Lake Lure.

    It might take him awhile to sell his property. Just thought it was a small world.

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