Unusual View of Otter Pond

This appeared five years ago, and is worth a revisit as Spring arrives.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Most of the year, Otter Pond is obscured by the leaves of all the hardwood trees on the slopes around it. This time of year, just before the first buds begin to open, is the best time to really see the size and setting of this gem in the mountains. A light steam was rising from the surface on this 30 degree morning. The ridge beyond is the lowest part of the rim of mountains that encircles the entire valley, except for the narrow entrance where Otter Creek finds in way out to eventually join with Cove Creek.

This time of year the farmers plow their fields so the soil can get moisture from the March rains. This bottomland will grow corn, okra, beans, pumpkin. In the distance is Otter Creek Road as it enters the valley through a very small opening.

Below is the last of the winter turnip and greens…

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