Montford Cove Valley Views

Just two miles north of my house is a farming area known as Montford Cove. Hay, corn, and Black Angus herds cover the expansive fields, with Cove Creek running through the middle toward its blending with the Broad River as it drains into South Carolina.


The view from the deck of a cabin north of the valley is the best I’ve seen in the entire area…montford 9

To the south is Tryon Mountain along the South Carolina border, with a closer Bill’s Mountain just east of Lake Lure.montford 4New leaves on Maples and Hickories tint the forest below.

montford 3Glaxhorn Mountain to the southeast…

montford 7Oak Mountain, Brushy Top Mountain, Bear Gap, and Roan Horsetop Mountain.


montford 6

montford 1


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