Asheville’s Sunset Mountain


Above the iconic Grove Park Inn, a labyrinth of narrow drives and precipitous switchbacks hides a collection of mansions that would rival anything found in California or the Italian Riviera. Clinging to hillsides so steep that many are invisible as you traverse the storybook lanes, these dowagers also are surrounded by gardens of evergreens and blooming shrubs that have been nurtured for decades to appear as though Mother Nature did all the work.  Mid-April is traditionally the peak of Azalea and Dogwood season in the Mountains, and there’s no better place to observe this annual show than along these winding roads on Sunset Mountain.  Here are images made on April 18th, showing just a fraction of the overall beauty just waiting to be appreciated by the curious visitor.

Sunset Mountain Asheville Azaleas

Sunset Mountain Asheville Wysteria

Dogwood and Wisteria

sunset mountain asheville castle

sunset mountain asheville azaleas 5

Sunset Mountain Asheville Iris 1

Sunset Mountain Asheville Iris 2

Sunset Mountain Asheville azalea garden

A Garden walkway with Japanese Maple

sunset mountain asheville azaleas vista

sunset mountain asheville dogwood

This 50 second video gives a more three dimensional view…

4 thoughts on “Asheville’s Sunset Mountain

  1. The photos and mansions are just beautiful… the iris…..we had them in our yard when I was growing up in mountains of Southern WV. Patsy

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