Spring Wildflowers in the Valley

Because of a late hard freeze, everything is late blooming this year. February was so warm that nature was fooled into thinking that it was March already, and that proved disastrous for the flowering trees, especially the Dogwood and Bradford Pear, and for the local Azaleas and other shrubs. My Princess tree never bloomed, and I feared it had succumbed to the fall drought, I never found a Blood Root in bloom.

Finally,  things have begun to open. Here are a few…

KODAK Digital Still CameraWild Rose

KODAK Digital Still Camera


blue barn 2

KODAK Digital Still CameraHoneysuckle

KODAK Digital Still CameraWild Dwarf Iris

KODAK Digital Still CameraWild Azalea

KODAK Digital Still CameraThe last Dogwood

virginia 1Virginia Pine

KODAK Digital Still CameraColorado Blue Spruce



One thought on “Spring Wildflowers in the Valley

  1. Spring flowers are beautiful………..thanks for sharing.  We have had a bit of cold in am, but warming up too much in afternoon. Just photographed my first magnolia blossom this morning.  Patsy

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