The Song of the Whippoorwill

It just wouldn’t be spring in the Mountains without the melancholy call of the Whippoorwill well before sunrise. A member of the Nighthawk family, this small hunter feeds on flying insects, especially moths, and hides in the understory during the day. But every night from late April to early June, he has one thing in mind, finding a mate, and he competes with other hopefuls in the pitch and intensity of his song. Like clockwork, he begins long after sunset, and reaches his crescendo at the first light of dawn.

8f7eabe0ac89a2929f86b6e7562d106a  plate-82-whip-poor-will-final_0

John James Audubon watercolor of the Whippoorwill…….

This short video will feature the recent serenade captured from my deck well before sunrise. Turn the sound up and listen for all the other birds welcoming the morning. It’s a very special time of day, but it’s best you keep the windows closed if you want to sleep.

One thought on “The Song of the Whippoorwill

  1. Sounds like a mockingbird maybe got the last note on your recording.Thanks for bringing a mountain morning to us here in the flatlands. Your cousin TED

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