The Natural Rhododendron Gardens of Roan Mountain

This was originally posted five years ago, but these spectacular Flowers are always worth another visit.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Every June thousands of people flock to Roan Mountain to walk among the magnificent mounds of rhododendrons. In a good year, these dense shrubs, standing taller than a person, create a spectacular display with thousands of magenta blooms. Each rhododendron’s round, manicured shape is a testament to severe pruning by wind and winter weather. The peak blooming period is usually around the third week of June, but this year, the bloom has come early, and the blanket of flowers over the upper slopes of the mountain are already impressing impatient visitors.

Around 1830, General John T. Wilder bought 7,000 acres across the top and sides of Roan Mountain. It was Wilder who built the road to Carver’s Gap at 5,550 feet. He also constructed a 20 room log inn near the summit of Roan High Knob in 1877, then replaced it with the luxurious Cloudland Hotel. For about 20 years…

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One thought on “The Natural Rhododendron Gardens of Roan Mountain

  1. So beautiful……happens to be my home state, WV’s state flower.  Love them! Thanks for sharing. Patsy

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