The Village of Cheshire at Black Mountain

Fifteen years ago I read an article in SOUTHERN ACCENTS Magazine about a new town development for Black Mountain, North Carolina, and recall being intrigued by the prospect of living in a place like Cheshire Village. It was designed by the same team who designed SEASIDE on the Florida gulf coast.

The years passed, and I forgot about The Village of Cheshire until yesterday when, as I’m apt to do from time to time, I read old magazines, and there was this article again. 
I just did a Blog post about my rediscovery, and it’s almost like finding a hidden Frank Lloyd Write home so close to my own. I think you’ll enjoy what I found.
Cheshire Village Black Mountain
Cheshire Village Black Mountain rendering
Cheshire Village
Cheshire Village Black Mountain 2
Researching Cheshire today was like a time warp, seeing first hand how a dream was realized from so long ago. 
cheshire village 2
The Village has been completed beyond my wildest expectation. Visit their website to see what I mean.
You can actually rent one of their seven guest cabins if you want to have a unique Blue Ridge Mountains experience…

Village of Cheshire
Cheshire’s green built cabins are set in Western North Carolina’s High Windy mountain range, offering healthy mountain air and leafy retreats all four seasons of the year. Our cabins are green certified as NC Healthy Built Homes by the WNC Green Building Council. Each of our 7 cabins and treehouses takes up a tiny footprint in the Native Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel surroundings with porches overlooking beautiful Camp Branch Creek. Carefully planned and beautifully executed, the rustic Cheshire Cabins were created with your relaxing getaway in mind. We invite you to stay awhile and explore the Asheville area when you stay at the Cheshire Cabins. Rates are less than $300 a night, and the cabins have multiple bedrooms. This is a bargain in these mountains.
Everything highlighted in this video from ten years ago has been realized…
I can’t wait to go to Cheshire Village and walk its quaint streets and make my own images of such a magical place. Who knew?
Cheshire Village street

Cheshire Village Bed and Breakfast9820-04

Bed and Breakfast

Cheshire Village Stream

Cheshire Village Bungalows
Cheshire Village Town Center

Town Center

2 thoughts on “The Village of Cheshire at Black Mountain

  1. I wish I were going with you! What beautiful homes! I’m so tired of the MacMansions that are popping up everywhere. Not one single imaginative idea!


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