The Craftsman Wonders of Cheshire Village

A recent post highlighted the Village of Cheshire in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and now my first visit there has yielded a treasure of incredible homes that captures the history and architectural beauty of these breathtaking Mountains. As you move through this neighborhood of quiet streets, walkways, and meticulously landscaped gardens, you’ll be transported to a time long ago when community meant everything, and sitting on a large front porch brought neighbors together to visit and chat about family and their daily experiences. Keep in mind that everything you see is less than fifteen years old, which makes Cheshire even more remarkable.

Cheshire Village MountainsFrom the moment you enter this sanctuary of urban design, you’ll be aware that you are surrounded by high mountains and lush vegetation and large open public spaces, all carefully orchestrated to bring a sense of peace and order to daily life.

Cheshire Village MansionsLarge homes with verandas, numerous windows, and the creative use of wood and stone hark back to an America long ago. Every one is a work of building art, and cars are mostly invisible here, hidden in rear alleys and garages. The homes are close  together by design, and walking trails link all parts of Cheshire to a Town Center with restaurants and specialty shops.

Cheshire Village Street lightStreets are named for legendary authors and poets like Poe, Keats,  and Wordsworth. This Tudor home lives up to the name out front.

Cheshire Village GardensAround every corner, evergreens and flowers excite the senses and complement the homes that they frame.

Cheshire Village Fences Throughout Cheshire, low fences and stone dividers invite visitation and contact.

Cheshire Village StairsStone stairs connect the street with the porches, and have the appearance of being carved from the rocky hillside.

Cheshire Village EyebrowAn “Eyebrow” over this porch is a common Craftsman detail, and this Grand Staircase draws neighbors to pay a visit.

Cheshire Village LandscapingThis Cape Cod style house is almost lost in the woods…

Cheshire Village ShinglesShingles were always a Craftsman trademark…

Cheshire Village TreehouseThese tall and narrow houses are part of the “Treehouse” section of Cheshire Village, where the hillside is steep, and the trees large.Cheshire Village Treehouse stairs

Cheshire Village Treehouse 3

Cheshire Village Tall HouseThis tall home in the regular neighborhood is influenced by the Treehouse area…

Cheshire Village CottageSmaller cottages can be reserved by the night if you’re looking for a special mountain retreat… There are seven cottages in Cheshire Village.

Cheshire Village Home

Cheshire Village Gables

Cheshire Village porches

Cheshire Village TownhomesNew Townhomes are nearing completion adjacent to the Town Center. as are villa type cottages in the same area…Cheshire Village Views

Cheshire Village ColumnsStrict design guidelines are followed to maintain the classic atmosphere of Cheshire Village. The entire village was a masterplan community, similar to Seaside and Watercolor on the Florida Gulf Coast, Habersham in Beaufort, South Carolina, and Windsor in Boca Raton, Florida.

Cheshire Village CloudsI’m looking forward to visit in the fall when the colors will be incredible. 

One thought on “The Craftsman Wonders of Cheshire Village

  1. Wow!  The homes are beautiful…….Love this area.Thanks for sharing and your pictures are great as usual. Patsy

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