Canoeing up the Green River

Ten miles south of Lake Lure and the Hickory Nut Gorge, the Green River flows from just south of Hendersonville, creating Lake Adger in Polk County, and eventually joining the Broad River in it’s Journey to the Atlantic. Higher up the Blue Ridge escarpment, the Green River Gorge is famous for Class I kayaking, and the white water is considered the best in the East. That happens daily when water is release from a high mountain lake into the river.

Green River Gorge

Running the Green River Rapids

Lower down the gorge, the river becomes much less violent, and is popular in summer for tube floating,

Tubing on the Green River

Tubing down the Green River

At the lower elevation of 900 feet, the river become a shallow, tranquil stream, meandering below 4,000 foot mountains as it enters Lake Adger.

Green River Canoe trip

Canoeing up the Green River

Lake Adger Panorama

Panorama from Lake Adger

I made this short video last week trying to capture the tranquility of the lower Green River.



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