Harvest Time in Apple Valley

Just east of Hendersonville, North Carolina, is a fertile valley that is the fourth largest apple growing district in the United States. Over thirty varieties are grow here, and for a month at the end of summer, growers are busy gathering the bounty from their orchards. Because of a certified micro-climate area known as the Isothermal Belt, winters are shorter, and late season hard freezes are rare here. 

Apple Valley North Carolinaorchard

Apple Valley North Carolina red barn

Apple Valley North Carolina farm

Everywhere, large apple crates are filled to overflowing with every color apple you can imagine.Apple Valley North Carolina harvest time

Trees are still heavy with juicy fruit waiting for their chance to head for market…Apple Valley North Carolina red apples

Apple Valley North Carolina ripe applesThese apples have a little more ripening to do before their time comes..

Apple Valley North Carolina goldenrodGoldenrod and Red Bush tell you that autumn is not far away.

Apple Valley North Carolina Grandad's OrchardBehind Grandad’s Apple House, weekend visitors marvel at the view across orchards and corn fields. Hendersonville hosts its annual Apple Festival every Labor Day weekend, and thousands turn out to sample the sweet fruit.2017 Hendersonville Apple Festival

Hendersonville Apple Festival street fair

Of course, I had to bring some of these delectable fruits home to enjoy, along with a large jug of homemade Apple Cider.Otter Creek Valley apple table

Apple at Hemlock House North CarolinaThe sweet smell alone was worth the visit.

11 thoughts on “Harvest Time in Apple Valley

  1. Thanks Vann……I must say I love the pictures and I also love apples……..just beautiful and it is hard to believe it’s harvest time! Thanks for sharing.Patsy

  2. I bet the air smelled wonderful. Good pictures! Diane’s daughter is getting married. Last weekend I went to a darling bridal shower in Lake Forest. The hostess was a friend of hers from high school and had been the youngest bank CFO in Chicago. But here is the interesting part. Her very good looking husband, the cardiologist, is a Helms from NC. He said his family is from Monroe. He did genetic testing and is 100. English. I could see a family resemblance in that he had dark eyes and great hair A really nice guy, who put up with a lot of ladies. Your distant cousin????

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  3. I remember our stay with you and the market by the side of the road. I made lots of “apple stuff” from the ones we bought that day. Do you have a favorite? I like cutting them up and eating with a small schmear of “cookie butter” or almond butter. Protein, fiber and antioxidants all in one yummy bite.

  4. Vann,
    You’re one of the best photographers that’s been on Tipper’s blog. I’ve sent my two girls many of the nice scenes on your Blog. And welcome to North Carolina! …Ken

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