The Summer View from Roan Mountain

As summer closes, and cooler temperatures abound, a drive to Roan Mountain seemed the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Overcast skies added to the mood.  

Roan Mountain VistaThe Blue Ridge from near the summit. Skeleton trees are a stark reminder of the damage done by acid rain and the insects that take advantage of the weaker trees. Most evergreens here are Red Spruce and Fraser Firs, with some Balsam Spruce mixed in.

Appalachian Trail hikers at Roan MountainThe most visited part of the Appalachian Trail can be found at Carver’s Gap along the North Carolina and Tennessee border.

roan mountain Appalachian TrailThe Trail runs southwesterly toward the summit of heavy forested Roan Mountain. This is a landscape you would find in Canada. Visible here is part of the “Balds” that make Roan so iconic.

Grandfather Mountain from Roan BaldsFrom the “Balds”, Grandfather Mountain dominates the eastern horizon. These ridges are referred to as “The High Country” by travelers in the know.

Roan Mountain RhododendronIn early June, this similar view is dominated by Catawba Rhododendron thickets in full bloom.

All seasons are worth a visit to Roan Mountain, and the drive down the Tennessee side will offer breathtaking vistas of the far ridges from this high altitude. Don’t miss it.



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