The View from Asheville’s Sunset Mountain in September

To the northeast of uptown Asheville is the most unusual residential area I’ve ever seen.  Yesterday I drove to the top of Sunset Mountain, where mansions are perched precariously along the steep slopes, and are connected to each other by single lane drives that wind along the ridges, separated by dense old growth forests and deep ravines. The views from up there are dramatic, and mostly hidden by trees and large homes. Autumn has already painted many of the trees, especially the Dogwoods, bright orange and yellow.

asheville from Sunset RoadThe view from upper Sunset Road.

grove park inn from aboveThe historic Grove Park Inn from a new perspective…  It sits on the lower slopes of Sunset Mountain.

Old Toll Road on sunset mountainAlong the Old Toll Road near the summit of the mountain…

sunset mountain Old Toll Road west view ashevilleThe view of the northwest Mountains from Old Toll Road.

As autumn arrives, you should consider exploring this remarkable neighborhood as the colors change.



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