Flower Gardens of Interstate 40

Along Interstate 40 in Western North Carolina between the towns of Morganton and Marion, as you approach the Mountains, are two interchanges that rewrite the term, Highway Beautification. On the approaches on both sides of the overpasses,  meticulously cultivated flower beds cover the meadows along the highway. 

Interstate flower gardens of north carolinaIn one area, Zinnias, Marigolds, Poppies, and a diverse mixture of annuals have been creatively mixed to  be balanced and colorful. On the south side of the interchange is a garden made  entirely of Marigolds.

Interstate highway flower gardens in North Carolina

zinnia  red

flower bed annuals

Flower bed annuals marigolds

zinnias and marigolds

north carolina interstate 40 poppies

marigolds along interstate 40

marigolds along interstate 40 in North Carolina

At the next interchange heading west, rows of Poppies are a tribute to the highway workers who created them…Interstate 40 striped flower beds

Lady Bird Johnson’s legacy is alive and well in the North Carolina Mountains.

3 thoughts on “Flower Gardens of Interstate 40

  1. Governor Jim Martin promised to finish I-40 during his tenure. He delivered on that promise and his wife Dorothy “Dottie” Martin was largely responsible for the beauty and quality of the wildflowers planted along I-40, They both received awards for their work in beautifying the state. Lady Bird Johnson contributed but she was not solely responsible for the flowers on I-40.

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