Rare Pink Foliage along the Blue Ridge

This is one of my favorite posts. Never seen anything like it. I was there again yesterday, and although the peak color had passed already, the scene, below,  was still one of beauty…

pink foliage at Gerton and Hickory Creek

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Finding any truly pick autumn leaves is a rarity, but to find an entire forest of them is the Holy Grail of Leaf Peeping. On Sunday, while driving to Bearwallow Mountain along U.S. 74-A between Chimney Rock and Asheville, suddenly there they were. For over a quarter mile, the forest undergrowth was nothing but bushes covered with delicate pink and white leaves. I had never seen anything like it. Because I had company in the car, and because the hour was getting late, I didn’t stop, but this morning, I headed back up toward the crest of the Blue Ridge about a mile east of Gerton to document what I had found.  As I reached the 2,300 foot elevation, there it was, the pink forest.

Best Pink Leaves
I’ve researched the entire list of North Carolina shrubs and trees, but I have not been able to identify the plant that produces these remarkable…

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