Over Asheville a Week after the Snowstorm

Normally, December snows are gone in a few days, but this one is different. Touring Sunset Mountain yesterday revealed snow that has lingered for a week. Looking down on Uptown Asheville felt more like a European city in the Alps. All it was missing was a good ski slope.

asheville in snow from Sunset Mountain

sunset mountain snow at ashevilleSurprisingly, the snow was still deep in many places.

sunset mountain snow house in asheville

sunset mountain snow road ashevilleSnow was still lining the narrow roads that hug Sunset Mountain, just above the historic Grove Park Inn.

sunset mountain snow house near asheville

sunset mountain snow summit asheville

Driving back east toward Marion, the view of the soaring Black Mountains from I-40 is always breathtaking.

black mountains in snow from I-40

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