Winter Arrives Along the Blue Ridge

If there was ever a doubt how the “Blue Ridge” got its name, this view from the foothills west of Rutherfordton will dispel any other explanations. With winter arriving today, low humidity allows us to see these mountains in all their splendor.

blue ridge escarpment near RutherfortonThe major mountains shown above in this view toward the northwest stretch from just north of Lake Lure, to Mt. Mitchell and this “escarpment” runs along a line from southwest to northeast. From left to right, they are, Stone Mountain. Young’s Mountain, Little Pisgah Mountain, Round Mountain, the “Seven Sisters”, Roan Horsetop Mountain, The Black Mountains in the far distance, Hickory Nut Mountain in the near foreground, and Mt. Mitchell, the peak to the distant far right, the tallest of them all.

Blue Ridge log CabinThe long mountain along the first ridge is Tom’s Mountain, also called New Forest Mountain with an elevation of 2,500 feet. Next comes Hickory Nut at 3,100 feet, with the Black Mountains along the distant horizon topping out at over 6,500 feet. The log home’s elevation is just under 1,000 feet.

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