Grandfather and Sugar Mountains in February

With a deep blue sky, and knowing that snow fell on Sunday in the High Country, I escaped the snowless South and headed for Grandfather Mountain, and Sugar Ski Mountain after that, In the valleys, the temperature hovered just above 40 degrees, but when I arrived below the peaks of Grandfather an hour later, it had dropped below freezing. 

I was amazed what five inches of fresh snow could do to that iconic place.grandfather mountain in snow 4

grandfather mountain snow 5

grandfather mountain snow 7

Along the road to Sugar Mountain, ice encrusted trees along the higher ridges contrasted beautifully with the rugged cliffs and slopes.Sugar Mountain icy cliffs

Sugar Mountain Snow and rocks

Looking to the west, the backside of Beech Mountain, the “other” major ski mountain in North Carolina, was white above 4,000 feet.Beech Mountain snow slopes

Turning toward the South, there was Sugar, in all its splendor…sugartop at Sugar Ski MountainSugartop Condo dominates the mountain, with the snow covered ski runs dropping from the mile high summit. Snowmaking was not part of the plan today, after a fresh 6″ had fallen on Sunday. That’s the new “Gunther’s Run” on the far right, offering advanced skiers and snowboarders a wide open experience on their way down.

Once inside the resort area, homes near the slopes catch the afternoon sun.Sugar Mountain winter homes

Yours truly in my favorite element…Sugar Mountain winter selfie

Snow surrounds this cascading creek between the houses…Sugar Mountain Snow Creek

Sugar Mountain snow lane

Arriving at the base lodge, the scene was colorful…Sugar Mountain base lodge skis 1

Looking toward the top of the mountain, you could see skiers, chair lifts, and lots of natural snow, without the annoying jet engine roar from snowmaking nozzles…Sugar Mountain skiing 1

This two minute video will give you an “Up Close and Personal” view of Sugar Mountain…


When you have a few minutes, check out this video from the heavy snow at Sugar on December 9th. Not mine, but really worth the time…


On the way back home, I stopped at this frozen lake near Linville.  The High Country never disappoints.Linville Land Harbor  lake



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