Springtime in February? Ridiculous

After two weeks of unseasonably warm weather with nothing below freezing, Mother Nature has been lulled into a false sense of security, and that’s not a good thing. With the next hard freeze just around the corner, these premature blossoms will be history, and the concern of the apple and peach growers must be weighing heavily on them tonight.

My drive north to the gym in Marion revealed a colorful display of pink, yellow, white, and purple flowers born far too soon.

This Cherry tree is a full month ahead of schedule…cherry tree february pink

pink 4

The Forsythia must think it’s mid-March…forsythiaThe hardwoods in the forests are already budding out…

white 1

white 2

Japanese Magnolias just couldn’t wait…magnolia 2

magnolia 1

Daffodils are opening all along the roadways…yellow 1

And these Phlox must think it’s Easter already…phlox

Who knows? Perhaps these mountains are just paying tribute to Billy Graham. For decades he has lived just over the Eastern Continental Divide from here near Black Mountain.


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