Finding Snow at Sugar Mountain

After weeks of warm and rainy weather, the Blue Ridge Mountains have seen a March snowfall that reawakened the adventure of gliding down a slope with the beauty of Nature all around. To stand atop a peak in the High Country and have the entire world below you covered in white brings an exhilaration unmatched in all my years of experiencing life in Western North Carolina. The fact that $28 can put you in a chair that moves slowly up and  through a pristine winter landscape is the best bargain going for anyone who loves the thrill of these remote mountains.

Sugar Mountain Snow GunThe Noreaster that was moving over New England generated over half a foot of snow as it moved north through the “High Country”, and very cold temperatures that followed gave the man-made snow guns something to celebrate.

sugar nountain ski fence 2


sugar mountain slopeside 1To me, the thrilling trip back down to the bottom is just the fastest way of getting back on a floating chair, and the new vistas that await.

sugar mountain speed liftA new high speed lift opened two years ago, but I prefer the old, much slower chairs that take their time moving silently through the woods and above streams.

Vann skis at Sugar MountainAfter two years, I was up for the challenge.

Here are a few screen captures from videos I made while skiing…

sugar 7.jpg

sugar 6

sugar 2

sugar 8

sugar 3

sugar 5

sugar 4

sugar 9

This video will let you experience the mountain right along with me…..







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