Ice and Springtime Collide along the Blue Ridge

creekNormally an abundance of rain means an early Spring, but a colder than normal March halted the trees in their tracks, and brought late season snow, and even a coating of ice along Cedar Creek.

pine ice 2

farmWith freezing temperatures, you wouldn’t expect the Forsythia to be so bright, but with February being warmer than March, Mother Nature is scratching her head. This farm at the base of Roan Horsetop Mountain in far northwest Rutherford County wonders what season it should be celebrating.


roan 2Roan Horsetop above Cedar Creek Road.roan 1

chimneyAn empty summer log cabin awaits the changing season. A split-rail fence recalls bygone days of pioneers and simple solutions.fence


2 thoughts on “Ice and Springtime Collide along the Blue Ridge

  1. Hey – I have noticed because of the warm February and mild March that we have had forsythia, flowering fruit trees and daffodils in bloom for over a month! It has been wonderful. The poor little daffodils will droop their heads with the cold, snow an drain, then pop right back. I have also had so many more blooms this year! Enjoy your posts! Nancy

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