Blackberries and Mountain Laurel

For the past two seasons, a late March freeze here in the valley has meant that very few Blackberries were being picked in late June. This year is very different. For the past two weeks, the vines have prospered, and nearly a foot of rain over the past five days has ensured that this year, there will be berries for cobblers and for freezing once again.

berry 2Blossoms cover entire meadows…

berry 1

yellow 1The Ragwort have found a safe place amongst the thorny vines…

iris 1Bearded Iris from long ago planted bulbs are appearing in the strangest places…

azaleas 2Wild Dwarf Azalea are in bloom all along Otter Creek…

Laurel 3The White Laurel is always the first to bloom…

laurel 2And the Pink Laurel is opening right on time…

laurel 1




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