Bill’s Mountain at Lake Lure

Just east of Lake Lure is Bill’s Mountain, named for the creek that flows around it’s northern slope.  Not a tall mountain, it has the distinction of being the last mountain you see if you fly due south to the mountains of western Cuba. It is private, with the gated community of Vista at Bill’s Mountain being home to many glorious homes with amazing views of Lake Lure and the Hickory Nut Gorge.

It is  shown here on a foggy summer morning….

bills mountain 2

Bills Mountain 4Farms and smaller gated communities lie between the mountain and Lake Lure.

bills mountain 3Bill’s Creek Road follows an old Cherokee trading path over the mountain, where you’ll find the Craftsmen style entrance gate at the 1,200 foot level.


Near the base of the mountain, along Bill’s Creek, is the abandoned Lake Lure Vineyards.

vineyard 2

vineyard 3

One of many private homes you’ll find near the lake with a view toward the mountain.



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