Apple Valley 2018

Labor Day weekend is always the best time to enjoy the smells, and the colors in Apple Valley, not to mention the 100 varieties of world class apples. Pick up those large South Carolina juicy peaches while you’re at it, and adding a gallon of home made cider will make the trip all the more worthwhile.  The best part is the smell of warm Apple Turnovers at Grandad’s Apple House. Waiting in line for fresh Apple Pie, fritters, and muffins is the best people watching you’ll find on the whole weekend.



cow rideMake sure you put the little ones aboard one of the twenty cars of the Cow Train, and don’t get lost inside the Corn Maze.

Apple binsThe real reason you’re there is to select from many bins of just picked fruit.

apple 1At Apple Houses all along U.S. Highway 64, you can watch the fruit being brought in from the orchards and put into baskets and bags to be sold.

sunflowersYou can also take your pick of any number of Pumpkin varieties, and autumn Squash and gourds.pumpkinsYou’ll need a truck to carry one of these whoppers home.

ugly pumpkin


Tim squashJust make sure you have fun while visiting Apple Valley at harvest time.



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