World Equestrian Games in Tryon

Every four years,  the world championship of horse sports is held, alternating with the Summer Olympics.  About sixty countries participate, and disciplines like jumping, dressage,  acrobatics, and cross country. are judged for medals.  This is a very prestigious event, and has only been held one time before in the United States. This year, the F.E.I. World Equestrian Games is being held in the small town of Tryon, North Carolina, and this may just be the largest event ever staged in Mountains.

Fox hunting is the original basis for the sport, and jumping hedges and fences in pursuit of the elusive critter, with the help of a few hounds, required a special skill with the horse. I’m not going to pass judging about the humaneness of the sport, but I will give credit for NOT being the rodeo, which I detest, and horse racing which requires whips and running at break neck speeds, often at great danger to the animal.

I will concentrate on the beauty of the magnificent animals, and the skill of the very experienced riders.  The tradition of the sport is a colorful one, and, like it or not, it is a piece of our history, and horses played a major part of that history.


carousal 2

carousel 1


jump 3

jump 7

jump 5



tryon tryonTryon Mountain

para 1Para Dressage for physically challenged riders…


para 5

para 4

ceremony 1Medal Ceremonies for the challenged riders…

gold medals

longinesEach winner was awarded a Longines watch, one of the major sponsors…

para 2

It may be awhile before the Mountains see another event of this magnitude. It surely has put the North Carolina Mountains on the international map, and that can’t be that bad.






2 thoughts on “World Equestrian Games in Tryon

  1. You are so lucky that the hurricane did not effect the mountains and the event was able to take place. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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