Cedar Creek Falls is Resplendent in Fall Colors

A few miles north of Lake Lure, Cedar Creek tumbles down the Blue Ridge Escarpment from Stone Mountain in Buncombe County. As it nears the Piedmont Foothills, it encounters a rock ledge carved over millions of years by water and ice.  Cedar Creek Falls have become a favorite swimming hole in the summer, but as Fall descends along the Blue Ridge,  they explode in red, orange, and yellow splotches that seem to vibrate when viewed against a background of evergreens.


cedar 3

cedar 1

Check out this short viseo of the falls…

Immediately across Cedar Creek Road from the falls is a gated community where planted Maples mix with wild foliage to create an autumn wonderland.fence 1

fence 2

fence 4

fence 6

Late October finds a curious migration of a creature barely  2″ long. A furry caterpillar known in these parts as the “Woolley Worm” , is on the move from it’s hatching grounds along creeks and bogs, in search of a rocky crevice or large dead tree where they can spend the winter, and weave their cocoon. I happened upon this determined traveler as he was attempting to cross the road.Woolley Worm

Legend has it that the ratio of black hair to orange hair can indicate what kind of winter lies ahead.  Even the trusted Farmer’s Almanac will base its predictions on these tiny travelers. There are thirteen segments along its body. Four segments or less of orange means a cold winter ahead. Five or more segments means a milder season. Our little friend here is showing four and a half segments of orange, which means a colder winter than average, but not bitter cold.

In the late Spring, an Isabella Tiger Moth will emerge from its cocoon, and begin laying eggs for a new generation of weather prognosticators.  Here she is in all her glory…isabella_tiger_moth-andyreagochrissymcclarren_full_widthThat is an egg in the lower left.




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