Colors Peak in Otter Creek Valley

This post is from three years ago this Monday. It’s worth revisiting to remind us of how beautiful this valley can be at it’s peak color.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Otter Creek Color Hillside

For the past six Fall seasons, the colors in the upper part of Otter Creek Valley have peaked on or about November 5th, and this year was no different. After many cloudy, misty days, the Sun broke through this morning just long enough to let me capture the splendor that unfolds here every year. All of these images and the video at the end were made just up the road from my house.

Horsetop Mountain Clouds
Horsetop Mountain is hidden under a cloud bank in this southerly view.

Fibber Magee Curve
My road is unpaved leading to my house, but it was paved higher up the
valley seven years ago when a new gated development opened. The paved
road winds through the valley for almost a mile, ending at a Cul-du-Sac.

Fibber Magee South View
This pristine wilderness still has only one inhabited home. I like to refer to this section of road as my own personal Blue Ridge Parkway…

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2 thoughts on “Colors Peak in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Vann, have you thought about posting to the Facebook group, I love Lake Lure? We are so blessed with your pictures, especially in our absence from there. I know others would be blessed with your pictures as well. Still would love to meet you sometime when we’re up there.
    Darlyne n Joe

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