Hard Freeze and Heavy Frost

Arriving almost a month late, the first temperatures under 25 degrees brought a heavy coating of Jack Frost throughout the valley.  I’m sure the Cudzu has finally bit the dust. Buddy and I walked to lower Otter Creek, and here are the scenes we found.

Otter PondOtter Pond

Sycamore FrostFrost Sycamore


Frosty corn field

Frosty Buddy

Oak MountainOak Mountain

buddys houseToward Buddy’s House…

corn fieldOver the corn field toward Otter Creek…

Yesterday I went to Black Mountain, and was surprised to see snow atop Mt. Mitchell.mt mitchell


2 thoughts on “Hard Freeze and Heavy Frost

  1. Wow!  That really looks cold……..leaf change will now be dropping so beautiful but here such a short time…..Buddy looks good……..stay warm!Thanks for sharing.Patsy

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