November 8th, 2018

Each autumn, I look forward to that one day when the colors peak here in Otter Creek Valley. Last year it was November 5th, and the year before that, when we had all the fires, it was November 2nd.  This year, it happened on November 8th, and wouldn’t you know, it drizzled rain that day, and the skies were very overcast. For the brightest colors you need a little sunlight. Not this day. I was not deterred.

Buddy, my trusty canine friend, arrived early that morning, and we set out to find color wherever we could. And find it we did. The entire valley has about 350 acres of walkable terrain, and we covered a lot of it. Only five houses have full time occupants, and there are two more cabins that welcome seasonal visitors.  Much more land than people. Our two gravel roads, Otter Creek and Fibber Magee,  both have dead ends. We have no traffic. Fibber becomes paved past my house, thanks to a gated development that went bankrupt in the Great Recession.  That mile and a quarter stretch of pavement winds through the most pristine and untouched land, covered by hardwoods and Loblolly Pine, that you will find anywhere east of the Blue Ridge escarpment. That’s the perfect recipe for vibrant colors accented by evergreens.

Dicks Mountain

The best way to showcase this  natural beauty is with a video set to soothing music, so that’s what I did.  When you want to just relax and forget the everyday interruptions that distract and intrude upon your valuable time, get comfortable, and let November 8th wash over you with the colors of Fall, five miles north of Lake Lure.  If you are one of my regular subscribers, and are reading this in your email, click on the headline above to go directly to the Blog, and the video is there.



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