American Beech, Hickory, and Maple

As Autumn wanes, and temperatures are regularly below freezing, it’s time for the yellow and red Hickories,  the yellow and orange American Beech, and the late yellow and vermilion Maples to really shine.

It was 27 degrees at sunrise, and a heavy frost was in the shadows.Frost patch

Carolina peaksBrushy Top Mountain over Fibber Magee Drive…

creek steamSteam rises from a hidden Otter Creek as an American Beech hovers over the south bank.

beechColors are always more vibrant when the Sun is directly behind the leaves.  This Beech tree is a prime example.

beech rocksThat’s a Red Maple back in the woods…

maple mountainA lone Maple stands guard on a hill overlooking a distant frost covered corn field along Otter Creek.

Maple HollyThat’s the American Beech in the lower right… It will retain it’s leaves all winter. The Maple has a neighbor of Holly.

hickoryThis Hickory is further up the hill from the Maple in the background.

Hickory MapleIt may be close to Thanksgiving, but spectacular Fall displays can be found all around you at this 1,200 foot elevation.

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