Historic 14″ Snowfall in Otter Creek Valley

Heavy snows happen occasionally here in the valley, but storms like the one that moved through yesterday are rare, Even more rare are events of this magnitude in early December.  Here are some of my favorites from a memorable day.

Card Image 3Before daybreak at Hemlock House…


Hemlock House



Caddy 2My Caddy…

Droopy PinesThe road to Otter Pond…

fence 1Oak Mountain over the Pond…..

BeechAmerican Beech



3 thoughts on “Historic 14″ Snowfall in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Thanks I have enjoyed your sharing your pictures for a few years, We have a condo in Vista Bill’s Mt we are at our other home in Tampa this winter

    • Thank you Jim. You missed a Hum-Dinger yesterday.. I have “SHURLEY” ancestors from Virginia and South Carolina. I wonder if there might be a connection? So similar… Would love to meet you one day. My photographs hang in Larkin’s On-the-Lake. Vann

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