Returning to Montford Cove in Snow

Nestled in a wide valley between Lake Lure and Marion, North Carolina, Montford Cove is known for producing award winning grass fed Black Angus cattle, and for the high protein hay to feed them during the winter. Corn is also a major crop. Previous posts wrote of the low number of people who live here, and the large amount of undeveloped land that covers Hickory Nut Mountain to the west, and Pinnacle Mountain to the east. No State or Federal land can be found here. The area sits astride the border between McDowell County to the north, and Rutherford County to the south. Visiting after the recent heavy snow storm found breathtaking snow covered mountains and large snowfields where hay was harvested just six weeks ago.

Montford Cove 1Field Corn will wait until Spring to be cut…

VictorianThis majestic Victorian farmhouse has seen better days, but its dramatic use of color still warms the senses.

Grassy MountainGrassy Mountain to the north overlooks pastures and a pine forest.

Pinnacle Mtn 1Pinnacle Peak and Long Mountain tower over this farm, already decked out for Christmas.

Pinnacle PeakTen years ago, fire ravaged the western slope of Pinnacle Mountain, but she is recovering very nicely, thank you.

Oak Mtn SUnsetOak Mountain sits on the southern boundary of Montford Cove, above Greasy Creek, and bids farewell to a cold, but glorious Thursday evening.

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