Freezing Sunset along The Escarpment

With the temperature right at freezing, and the humidity somewhere around 10%,  the light and shadows cast by the setting Sun seemed especially distinct yesterday along the easternmost of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They are referred to as the “Escarpment” because they are the first peaks west of the Piedmont Plateau. All the images were made a few minutes before sunset within ten minutes of my house along the Rutherford-McDowell County line. By sunrise, the temperature dropped to 14 degrees, with no frost.

youngs mountainYoung’s Mountain northeast of Lake Lure

stone mountainStone Mountain northwest of Lake Lure

long mountainLong Mountain from Montford Cove

hemphill 1Pinnacle Peak on the McDowell-Rutherford County line.

tight run road 1Hickory Nut Mountain in McDowell County from Tight Run Road.

hickory nut mountainHickory Nut Mountain above Cove Creek Valley.

oak mountainBrushy Top and Oak Mountains above Otter Pond right at sunset.


3 thoughts on “Freezing Sunset along The Escarpment

  1. I sure would like to come up sometime to see you and Otter pond. I really like Hickory Nut Mountain above Cove Creek Valley photo.

  2. Awesome images! I enjoy around Lake Lure, but honestly i usually grab my gear and head more western from Asheville.
    Interested in a photoshoot together up in Catalochee with the elk? Let me know after the last snow storm of the season, I work up there as a volunteer park ranger and know the best places to find the critters, lol!
    Bill Pattison

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