Freezing Rain along Cedar Creek Road

Straddling the boundary between Buncombe and Rutherford Counties, Cedar Creek Road is a lightly traveled trail that goes from paved to gravel, as do many forest roads along the Blue Ridge. Elevation goes from 1300 feet at Bill’s Creek Road, north of Lake Lure, to 1,800 feet where it meets Old Fort-Bat Cave Road just below Round Mountain. Just as you enter eastern Buncombe County, the elevation rises to 1,600 feet, and that’s where I found the first signs of freezing rain this morning. Sleet was falling, as you can see in the image of this 19th century barn.

barnThe ice was collecting below the steep metal roof, as you can see on either side.

cedar creek 6Looking back to the east toward Rutherford County.

cedar creek 3

cedar creek 4

cedar creek 5

bat cave 1

bat cave 2With the temperature hovering right at freezing, I didn’t trust getting onto Old Fort-Bat Cave Road, so I turned around and headed back into Rutherford County.

cedar creek 2

cedar creek 1Just below the freezing line, you would never suspect that ice was just a quarter mile up the road.

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