Spring Awakens along Otter Creek

Just over a week of winter remains, but the first wildflowers are breaking through the leaf cover left over from last autumn. The moist ground along Otter Creek encourages these hardy plants to flower early. It was below freezing this morning and a light frost held on until after sunrise.

milkweedA young Milkweed is coated with ice crystals…

green rockA giant boulder shows off its winter moss in a bend of Otter Creek…

blood root 1Blood Root shows her first blossom…

green 3These Trout Lilies will open fully in two days, and will look like this…40570486035_4cf285ff7a_b

mud dabberMud Dabbers will some reoccupy this old nest…

white blueThese tiny blossoms look almost like roses, but I’ve been unable to identify them…

phloxPhlox are always the first flowers to appear along the ground…

buddy daffsBuddy was watching a crow along the creek…

blossoms 1

green mossAway from direct sunlight, the mosses flourish before other plants break ground.

beaversA new family of Beavers have taken up residence in a Branch of Otter Creek…

green 4Just one more hopeful Trout Lily.  It got its name from the waxy leaves that resembled a swimming mountain Trout.


One thought on “Spring Awakens along Otter Creek

  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures……..spring is definitely on the way…….great picture of Buddy! Patsy

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