Cherry Blossoms near Lake Lure

When  most people hear the words, Cherry Blossoms, they think of that city with all the monuments, but if you want to see amazing blossoms two weeks earlier, you might consider visiting Lake Lure, North Carolina, especially the Rumbling Bald Resort at the north end of the lake.  Seventy-five years ago, developers had the foresight to plant the Yoshino Japanese Cherry trees that had been planted in Washington decades before.  The display is no less breathtaking.

cherry 5

Their are over 250 varieties of Cherry trees worldwide, and most of them bloom at the same time, depending on temperature and length of daylight.  The blooming, from first blossom to last, is about two weeks, not very long.

cherry 1

cherry 3


cherry 2

cherry 4Turkey Tail Mushrooms extract nutrition from these aging trees, but that doesn’t stop new shoots from breaking through.cherry 7

cherry 9

cherry 8A few miles further north is an orchard of Sakura Cherry trees.

Autumn is not the only season to enjoy the colors of the Blue Ridge.  Springtime, especially when the Dogwood and Azaleas are blooming,  can be just as dramatic.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms near Lake Lure

  1. Very Pretty , Beats all the Bradford Pearss whose Pollen is the only Product of Blooming. Cherry bllooms are pleasing to the eyes :>))

  2. Such a beautiful time of the year………and you know how to show it off………thanks……Cherry Blossoms pics are beautiful……. Patsy

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