A Late Spring in Otter Creek Valley

With morning temperatures still below freezing, and one morning this week in the mid-20’s, the forests here in the valley have delayed their leafing out and blooming by almost two weeks. Finally, afternoons near 70 degrees have kick started this annual ritual.

The Red Bud opened on Wednesday, very late.  Today I brought a few branches inside so I could enjoy them as they bloomed.

red budIn the distance you can see a lone Red Maple that has finally bloomed…First Maple

fallsOtter Creek Falls are active after record breaking winter rains.

sunriseThe first sunrise of April was greeted by a winter landscape…

donnas houseThis log home sits on a bluff high above the creek, waiting for the Poplar, Maple, Sycamore, and Hickory to awaken.

otter creekOtter Creek makes it’s way down the valley on its way to Cove Creek to the east.

blossomsThese Cherries have opened along Otter Creek Road…otter creek road

myrasA 100 year old cabin along the creek greets the rising sun on a frigid Tuesday.

jeannes pondsAn Eastern Hemlock forest sits above two ponds along a Branch of the creek…

geese 1Canada Geese have been overnighting in the upper pond…

monetPond reflections remind me of Monet’s Water Lilies at Giverny…

loblollyThank goodness for the Pines and Hemlocks around the house that provide a rich green to an otherwise wintry woods.

shadowA Spring sunrise makes for some unusual shadows looking due west.

overlookThis Black Walnut is still weeks away from the first buds.  Brushy Top Mountain in the distance is all hardwoods, and should start to green out next week.



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