The Green Days of Spring

After three inches of rain on April 13th, the dormant trees of winter finally burst fourth with a symphonic display of every shade of green you can imagine. The best time to enjoy this annual spectacle is at high noon when shadows are nonexistent. This greening frenzy will only be visible for a few days as new buds turn into darker leaves.  Hickory, Ash, Beech, Tulip Poplar, and Acer Maples, all bud at the same time.  Oaks of all description are waiting a few more days, and always bud out last. Red Maples with their tiny red buds are scattered throughout the ridges. Dogwood, both white and pink have been blooming for a week now, and are also visible among all the green.

churchSugar Hill

Dogwood MtnWhite Dogwood as flowers first begin to open…

Dogwood CabinDogwood fully open…

wisteria 1Wisteria

Hemphill RoadLake Lure Mountains

Montford CovePinnacle Peak above Montford Cove

Oak Mtn FarmOak Mountain Farm

Otter PondOtter Pond


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