First Beaver Sighting in Otter Pond

It was another crisp Spring sunrise with a deep Carolina Blue sky. Buddy didn’t mind the 37 degree chill, so we headed for Otter Pond to check out the rising mist.

The waning Moon hung low over Dick’s Mountain.   *Can you spot Buddy?)Otter Pond 1

The western ridges were just catching the Sun’s rays…Otter Pond 2

Evidence of Beaver activity has now affected the largest trees around the pond.Otter Pond 3

Suddenly, there was a loud splash out in front of me, and there, gliding across the pond’s still surface, was a Beaver. It’s the first one I’ve seen in person, ever. These busy critters are nocturnal, so to finally catch sight of one after sunrise was such a surprise.

I managed to capture some of its antics on video,  so here is my first attempt.

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