Colorado Blue Spruce in Spring

After another four inches of rain, the skies finally began to clear after sunrise.

blue patch

The front meadow of Honeysuckle is in bloom, and the two Colorado Blue Spruce have added another foot in height with new growth.

front meadow

I always love to see the bluish green of the new needles.


spruce 2

The larger of the two trees was planted eight years ago, and only found water three years ago.  The smaller tree was planted three years ago, and found water right away, and is almost as tall as its mate up the hill.

spruce 5

This photo was made five years ago, and the Spruce was almost lost in  the Honeysuckle.KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Honeysuckle was climbing past the top of the smaller Spruce, and after I removed the vine, blossoms were left in the top of the tree.

spruce 3

Now I wish I would have planted more, but isn’t that always the case years after the fact?


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