Summer Arrives along the Blue Ridge

June 21st may still be days away, but a night of thunderstorms and two inches of rain heralded the arrival of summer in a major way.  After a week with morning temperatures in the 40’s, Sunday and Monday afternoons finally saw the upper 80’s.

High temperatures brought higher humidity, and the return of our Carolina blue ridges. The most distant ridge below belongs to 4,000 foot Mount Shumont northwest of Lake Lure. The next closest ridge is 2,800 foot Young’s Mountain, northeast of the lake, and after that is 1,500 foot Dick’s Mountain. The closest ridge is 1,800 foot Brushy Top Mountain along the Rutherford-McDowell County line. 


To the north is  2,400 foot Pinnacle Peak showing a recently cleared cabin site near its summit. What a view those people will have.  A fire ravaged these slopes fifteen years ago, but, as you can see, there has been a full recovery. 


Back at home, yesterday’s sunrise made 3,000 foot Wolf Pen Mountain come alive under a layer of foreboding clouds.


The deck was the perfect spot for tea as Hummingbirds buzzed around their feeder…


As a comparison, this was the same view at another sunrise after a night of snow…

KODAK Digital Still Camera


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