Fertile Bottomland along Otter Creek

As Otter Creek flattens out on its way to Cove Creek, then on to the Broad River toward Columbia, the slow flow enriches corn and soybean fields along its banks. 

Our walk this morning took us to those fields where this summer’s crops are thriving after all the rain that has fallen.

misty pondAlong the way, Otter Pond had a mist rising because of the 53 degree sunrise…

buddyBuddy was looking for rabbits along the way…

corn 7The first field was covered in “Field Corn”, not edible, but used for corn sugar, corn starch, animal feed, and ethanol. It’s easily identified by its long, spike-like leaves that do not bend over. Each kernel has a dimple on the surface. This crop will remain in the field until next spring, and will be cut after it’s completely dried.

The next field has the traditional tall sweet corn that will be sold in local markets for dinner tables.  corn 4When I say tall, I mean very tall…corn vann 2

corn blue

corn 3Unlike many varieties, this hybrid produces only one ear per stalk…

corn 5The flowering tops have a blossom for each kernel that will grow on an ear, and must be pollinated for that kernel to form as a seed.


The next field is the smallest, and runs along the main road. It was planted first back in the Spring, but left untended, the stalks never grew more than four feet, and grasses and Morning Glories choked out every row.  This morning, a heavy dew clung to these hardy grasses.corn 6

Crossing Bill’s Creek Road to the next field, I pass the mailboxes that serve the enter valley…boxes

The last field is the largest of all, and this year, the Boyd family has planted Soybeans.soybeans

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