Heirloom “Jimmy Red” Corn Lives Again

In July, I posted about a field of tall corn growing in the bottom land along Otter Creek.

corn vann 2

corn 4

At that time, I didn’t know what variety those tall stalks held, but after picking an ear, and peeling back the husks, here is what I found…cornStudying the red kernels, I noticed that they were “dented”, which told me that this corn was very different from the Sweet Corn that makes great Corn-on-the-Cob. Searching the web, I found this photo…pfe_7708_wide-4f8a00db852451917c69413fe6d28b8102560ee9-s1600-c85

Turns out that what is growing in this field was a rare heirloom corn known as “Jimmy Red”, named for corn once grown on James Island near Charleston, South Carolina. This is the corn that historically made the best Moonshine, or bourbon whiskey. It is also sought after by the best Southern chefs for making Red Flake Grits. At one time, only two ears had survived, and a farmer planted the kernels from one of those ears, and the rest is history. I found the following article that will tell you everything you need to know about this resurrected variety.


corn 3



4 thoughts on “Heirloom “Jimmy Red” Corn Lives Again

  1. displaced at the farmers market in Hendersonville. Many refer to it as real Indian Corn. My mother used it for fall display thru Thanksgiving with pumpkins
    Not used for Hominey but found near rural mountain distillation areas:>)))

    • but it ia what is used for the liquid that goes in a Demi -john “wiskey jug ” as the song is sung BY Flatt n Scruggs song Hot Corn Cold Corn bring along the Demi John . Are your neighbors cooking corn seasonings ?

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