Narrow Leaf Sunflowers of Autumn

This was six years ago, and these Mountain Sunflowers are still going strong. They peak on the first day of Autumn every year. Well worth the wait every year.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Sunflowers Window
Although autumn doesn’t officially arrive until tomorrow, you can set your clock to that event by watching for the peak display of the Narrow Leaf Sunflowers. a showy member of the Astor family.

Narrow Leaf Sunflower
Three years ago I planted seeds from flowers that I found in a pasture north of here. Since then, the number of plants has doubled every year. Each plant, below, stands about six feet tall and has over a hundred blossoms.

Narrow Leaf Sunflower Stalk

The blossoms seem to mutate into different color patterns, and always are searching for the sun. The plants become so top-heavy with flowers that they need to be tied together with twine to keep them upright.

Narrow leaf sunflower meadow

The thousands of bright yellow flowers are the most dramatic of any flowers that I have found along the Blue Ridge Escarpment.

Sunflowers at Hemlock House

Wolf Pen Mountain to the northwest towers above this area at over 3,000 feet.

Sunflower Mountain

Sunflower Meadow

Another variety that grows…

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