Autumn Boating on Lake Lure

An invitation to speed around beautiful Lake Lure was just what Mother Nature ordered on a crisp Autumn morning.  I was met at the Rumbling Bald Resort pier on the far north end of the lake, and for the next hour and a half, my friend and I explored the many coves that were formed when the lake was made in 1926, and marveled at the mansions that make this lake so iconic. Kirk has a house high above one of these coves, and a stopover for a tour was a highlight of the morning. Except for one tour boat, we had the entire lake to ourselves the entire time.

houseKirk’s house. The view from the upper porch was amazing.kirks viewThat’s 2,800 foot Rumbling Bald Mountain, with it’s exposed granite Sugarloaf seismic fault. It has been inactive since 1880.

From a spot near the cove, the Hickory Nut Gorge and Chimney Rock were impressive to the west…gorge

kirk pilotsKirk pilots past Rumbling Bald. THe color peak is still a week away at the 900 foot elevation.

lake lure 1

This four minute video captures the three dimensionality of the scenery, with North Carolinian James Taylor singing “Carolina in my Mind”.


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