Coasting Down Interstate 40

When I drove to Asheville on Saturday, I was amazed how vibrant the color was along Interstate 40 between Old Fort and the Eastern Continental Divide near Ridgecrest.  Yesterday, with a deep blue sky, I returned to capture the trip on video.


I secured my tripod to my hood with Gorilla Tape, pushed the right buttons on my camera, and drove onto the Interstate at Old Fort. I was disappointed with the results on the climb west. Everything was overexposed. At Ridgecrest, I reset the exposure, and headed back to the eastbound entrance for the trip back down the mountain. It’s six miles of coasting to Old Fort, and keeping the car in a lower gear kept my foot off the brake.  I stayed in the truck lane so I could move slower. I’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Here are two screen captures that I especially wanted to share.

40 b

40 a

After making the video, I stopped to look back toward the mountains I had just driven through…best mtn

The video features the music from The Planets, Jupiter, the bringer of jollity, by Gustav Holst, which seemed very appropriate for such a monumental place… When I arrived in Old Fort, an afternoon freight had just made the slow trip down the mountain, and stopped me in my tracks.

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