Merry Christmas from Otter Creek

May your holiday be filled with the love and joy that you deserve.  Thank you for letting me share my world with you.




5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Otter Creek

  1. Thanks. Another post for the Vann;s picture file.A great way to begin this day!Awoke at 7…began organizing my attire for the day….its very chilly first off. Rode in open golf cart to clubhouse for breakfast…and now returned. Next, get wardrobe for Eucharist service at 3. Long pants and warm jacket. Father Trey will serve Jane communion here since she’s not able to go up to clubhouse for the service. Think we’ll prepare for Fr by arranging Nativity creche as center of attention for the elements to be delivered here. Dinner to come early from dining room. Not a traditional Christmas for us.Your photo is impressive.BV

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