Grand Canyon of the East

linville gorge

When I saw the cover of Our State Magazine in October, I was reminded that my very favorite, and most breathtaking spot in all of North Carolina’s Mountains is Wiseman’s View on the western rim of Linville Gorge.  Nothing else comes close. As a comparison, I rummaged through my archives to find similar images that show that view at different times of the year. Here are a few I like best.

Winter Sunset…linville winter

In Summer…KODAK Digital Still Camera

My favorite teacher in high school, Mr. Frome…KODAK Digital Still Camera

Gorge Gateway

While I’m at it, here are a few images from the East Rim summit of Hawk’s Bill Mountain, across from Wiseman’s View.

Two Friends

summitt 1

To the North

summitt 2

This is a Bucket List destination that is not to be missed. Wiseman’s View is accessible by car, with a short walk from the parking area. Get details from Google.

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