Biltmore Estate in Transition

The Cecil family, descendants of George and Edith Vanderbilt’s only child, Cornelia, have instituted major traffic pattern changes that will affect your next visit to the historic Asheville property.  Until last November, patrons could drive their cars past the mansion, stopping for photos, and proceed to the Gardens and Conservatory, where they could park, and leisurely stroll the gardens and greenhouses, and visit the Garden shop. After that, they could drive on to the Bass Lake and Waterfall, park, and stroll through the grounds if they were inclined. They could then proceed on to the areas along the French Broad River, and then to the Winery and shops and hotels at Antler Hill Village. That is no longer allowed. Instead, Biltmore has added a fleet of Trollies that will transport guests from an expanded parking area, to the sites that were formerly accessible by private vehicle. A new entrance gate has been added for the convenience of Annual Pass holders, to bypass the congestion occasionally experienced at the Main Gate. Guests are still allowed to drive the scenic two mile access road to the parking areas, as well as drive directly to Deer Park Restaurant, Amherst Exhibition Center, the Winery, Antler Hill Village, and hotels. The French Broad access is from these roads only. The Garden Shuttle will run every half hour. As of last week, bicycles were not allowed on roads around the mansion, Gardens, or Bass Lake area. This new policy is under review. Contact Biltmore Customer Relations with your thoughts and concerns.


When I was there last week, I drove to the river areas, and captured these images…

house 2

bridge 1

house 1

pond 2


2 thoughts on “Biltmore Estate in Transition

  1. I know they are only trying to make things easier, but I remember when we could park right in front of the Biltmore on the green! Still, glad they have grown so much. It is a boon to employment in Asheville. Nancy

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